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Wednesday, March 30th

@ California Yacht Club

Attendee List

Bill Barhydt.jpeg

Bill Barhydt

- CEO, Abra Global

- First ever Bitcoin TED Talk

Tommy Stianson.webp

Tommy Stiansen

- Yacht Owner / Event Host

- CTO, RedTorch

- Celebrity Private Investigator

baron davis.jpg

Baron Davis

- NBA All-Star

- Crypto Investor

harrison wang.webp

Harrison Wang

- Founding Member, TikTok

- Former Executive, Blockfolio (Acquired by FTX)

- Co-Founder, Unblocked


Julian Holguin

- President, Billboard

Festus Ezeli.webp

Festus Ezeli

- NBA, Golden State Warriors

IMG_8434 2_edited.jpg

Tyler Adkison

- General Partner, Adki Ventures

- Sports Business Exec, Playfly Premier

(Consultant to Top Sports Leagues, Teams, Crypto Exchanges & Events, Globally)

- Former Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder

- Founded BlockTerra (First Ever Crypto Hedge Fund for Pro-Athletes)

- Event Co-Host

Amber arbucci.jpeg

Amber Arbucci

- Former Victoria's Secret Supermodel

- Angel Investor: Uber, Hyperloop, Autograph, Cue, + others

- Board Member, Yield Street

- Wildlife Photographer & Artist

alan austin.jpeg

Alan Austin

- Managing Director, Litecoin Foundation

randy song.jpeg

Randy Song

- Head of HNW & Institutional, Abra Global

- Event Co-Host


Josh Katz

- Founder/CEO, Yellowheart

- Responsible for some of the most significant music projects in the NFT space - including the groundbreaking first NFT album release with Kings of Leon, which put Yellowheart into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Moody Jones.jpeg

Moody Jones

- SVP, EMPIRE (Record Label)

- Has worked with artists that include Tyga, Kygo, XXXtentacion, Schoolboy Q, Iggy Azalea and Drake


Matt Gohd

- CEO, Zero Gravity Corp (Zero-G)

- Only commercial way on earth to experience true zero gravity

- Trains NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic astronauts and celebrities

phil meng.jpeg

Phil Meng

- Head of Treasury & Markets, Stellar Lumens

Matt Barkley.jpeg

Matt Barkley

- NFL Quarterback, Buffalo Bills

Isabella Marten.jpeg

Isabella Marten

- Global Communications, TikTok

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 9.31.16 AM.png

Bri Wilburn

- Lead actress, LAVA

- Ambassador in first blockchain based production company

- Runway model, New York Fashion Week

- 1.5m+ social media followers

Jor Law.jpeg

Jor Law

- Board of Directors, Prime Trust

- Advisor, Infinity Ventures Crypto


Kendall Carson (aka Ashley Youdan)

- CEO, Hot Drops (Adult NFT Marketplace)
- Adult Entertainment Celebrity

Sami Swanson.png

Sami Swanson

- TikTok Influencer, 1.3M+ Followers


Jeff Hamilton

- The Celebrity Jacket Designer

- Current celebrity clients include Kevin Hart, Drake, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky. His personal connection to the careers of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant continues to be a strong part of Jeff's legacy as a designer

Mychal Kendricks.jpeg

Mychal Kendricks

- NFL Super Bowl Champion

- Crypto Investor

Nick Sorensen.jpeg

Nick Sorensen

- NFL Defensive Coach, San Francisco 49'ers

- Former NFL Coach, Seahawks & Jaguars

- Former NFL Player, Dolphins, Rams, Jaguars and Browns

Kasey Roh.jpeg

Kasey Roh

- Formerly Capital Strategy, Facebook & Tesla

- Co-Founder, Iterative Venture

- Iterative Ventures is a venture capital fund focusing on investing in web 3 and metaverse infrastructure. The group is comprised of roughly 2,200 Facebook alum 


Maria Ho

- Top Ranked Female Poker Pro in World

- TV Host 

- Member of Women's Poker Hall of Fame 

Alexis Lete.jpeg

Alexis Lete

- Miss Indiana USA, 2020

- Crypto Cast, Podcast Host

steven chieng.jpeg

Steven Chien

- General Partner, Press Start Capital

- General Partner, Comma Ventures

Press Start Capital
Matthew Liu.png

Matthew Liu

- Co-Founder, Origin Protocol

- Formerly Google / Youtube

- Origin has multiple NFT records in sales for top creators, including 3LAU's $11.7M sale

Thomas Emmanuel.webp

Thomas Emmanuel

- Chief Product Officer, Yellowheart

Dom Purp.jpeg

Dominic Purpura

- Founder, Mela Water

- Co-Founder, Baja Beef Jerky

Elie Samaha.webp

Elie Samaha

- Owner @ Chinese Theatres, Yamashiro, Sugar Factory, Kimpton La Peer, + others

Carlos Betancourt.jpeg

Carlos Betancourt

- Founding Principal, BK Coin Capital

Daniel Kim.jpeg

Daniel Kim

- Investment Director, FBG Capital

- Head of Capital Markets, Maple

- Former Institutional Director, Gemini

Patty Wang.jpeg

Patty Wang

- Deputy Chief of Staff, Prime Trust

Brian Kang.jpeg

Brian Kang

- Partner, ROK Capital

- Pro Poker Player

- Founder, Korea Blockchain Week

Saskia Clements.jpeg

Saskia Clements

- Founder, The Boldest Co

Kristen Flores.jpeg

Kristen Flores

- Owner, Flo Engineering

- Marketing Director, Valkyrie (Leader in Crypto ETFs)

Ben Liams.webp

Ben Liams

VP of Trading & Credit Markets, Abra Global

Corey Brooks.jpeg

Corey Brooks

- Reality TV Star on Big Brother, Reflect, and Ex on the Beach

- TikTok & Instagram Influencer

Luke Xie.jpeg

Luke Xie

- General Partner, Press Start Capital

- Partner, Rocketfuel

Press Start Capital
Coleman Maher.png

Coleman Maher

- Partnerships, Origin Protocol


Rocco Gardner

- Founder, Escape 

- Music Industry Entrepreneur

- Artist At Coachella

Meghan Flynn.jpeg

Meghan Flynn

- Events Manager, B Capital Group

- Formerly Vogue

Ada Vaughn.jpeg

Ada Vaughan

- Ecosystem & Strategy, Stellar Lumens

Tyreek Moore.jpeg

Tyreek Moore

- CEO, Uwish

- Partner, Baron Davis Enterprises

Steven Howell.jpeg

Steven Howell

- Chief of Staff, / Boba Network

- Event sponsor

Erhan Korhaliller.jpeg

Erhan Korhalilller

- General Partner, MatterBlock (Web3 Fund)

- Organizer, Istanbul Blockchain Week

- Organizer, Blockdown Festival: Croatia

- Founder, EAK (Crypto PR Agency)


Covaughn DeBoskie

- Founder, Athletecoin

Richard Chen.jpeg

Richard Chen

- Former Data Scientist, Facebook

- Founder, Iterative Venture

- Iterative Ventures is a venture capital fund focusing on investing in web 3 and metaverse infrastructure. The group is comprised of roughly 2,200 Facebook alum 

Thanh Nguyen.jpeg

Thanh Nguyen

- Venture Capital, Winklevoss Capital

Justin Giangrande.jpeg

Justin Giangrande

- CEO , The Network Advisory

- Former SVP, Vayner Sports

- The Network Advisory (TNA) is a Los Angeles and Miami based talent, brand, and venture advisory syndicate focused on accelerating their clients by leveraging an extensive and resource-rich network spanning over many decades. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 9.39.08 PM.png

Anna Berkey

- Co-Founder, Wicked Cultivation

- Sales Engineer, Bisco Industries

- Government contracts with NAWD, NSWC, NASA, and United States Air Force

Thomas Oser.jpeg

Thomas Oser

- Business Operations, Boba Network

-Event sponsor

- Boba Network is an Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities of smart contracts.

Andy Chen.jpeg

Andy Chen

- Ecosystem Growth, Boba Network

- Event sponsor

- Formerly Institutional Research, Polygon Network

Jonathan Bond.webp

Jonathan Bond

- Goalkeeper, LA Galaxy


John Sun

- Founder/President, Spring Labs

- Co-Founder, Avant

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